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Easy Install and Update

Install and update svside from management page. You can do it yourself.

Perfectly App

Doesn't need anything because of serverside!

High Security

Get 100% protection from developed special protection against cheating on server side.



Server Side Anti Cheat


40.00 $

  • 1 IP
  • Server Side Anti Cheat
  • Try free for 1 day



Why should I use the svside?

We are helping to you with our information for cheats.

We offer 100% protection
without any update.

How can I buy?

Must contact with us to start using our anticheat system. Application from contact section.

How can I pay?

Currently payment methods are credit/debit card (, cryptocurrency (bitcoin/ethereum).

Updates are there free?

Updates are free. You can update from your management page.

How does it work?

Svside uses packet analyze method on serverside. It analyzes packets for protection server from cheats.